Videos: Pitching

In order for the game to grow throughout New Zealand we must focus on developing our pithcers. There is a direct correlation between a sound, repeatable pitching motion and success on the mound. As difficult as pitching can be, there are many variables around the game that can make it much harder. View the videos below and learn to develop your pitching mechanics.

Pitching Fundamentals

Wind Up Delivery

Power Position

Stretch Delivery

Extension & Finish

Leg Lift

Pitching Mechanics

Hand Break/Separation

Pitching Grips

Two Seam & Four Seam Fastball

Curveball Grips

Changup Grips



RHP Pickoff to 1st Base

LHP Pickoff to 1st Base

2nd Base Pickoffs

Pickoffs to 2B

What is a Balk?

Pitching Drills

Top 10 Pitching Drills

Curveball Drills

At Home Pitching Drills

Youth Pitching Drills

Towel Drill

Curveball Drill