Videos: Hitting

Hitting a baseball is one of the most difficult tasks across any sport. Every coach has a unique style when it comes to coaching hitters. Each hitter's swing will be slightly different and individualised, there are a number of fundamentals that are the building blocks for every hitter's swing.

Hitting Fundamentals

Stance & Setup




Bat Path

Bunting Fundamentals & Drills

Bunting Fundamentals

Saftey Squeeze

Team Bunting Drill

Bunting for Beginners


Sacrafice Bunting

Mastering the Bunt Drills

Push Bunts

Pitching Machine Bunt Drills

Tee Drills

How to Hit Off a Tee

Load to Launch Tee Drill

Step Back Tee Drill

7 Youth Hitting Drills

Short To It Tee Drill

Youth Tee Drills

Top Hand, Bottom Hand Drill

High Tee Drills

Front Toss Drills

Hwo to Throw Front Toss

Short Bat Front Toss Drill

Front Toss: Numbered Toss

Directional Hitting Front Toss

Batting Practice

Batting Practice Routine

Batting Practice (Pt 1)

Batting Practice (Pt 2)

Batting Practice Tips

Situational Hitting & Approach

Different Approaches to Hitting

2 Strike Approach

Hit & Run

Situational Hitting